Kupple.com is mentioned in Glamour article!

Kupple.com is mentioned in a Glamour magazine article about ways to make couple friends! The article discusses a recent study which determined that having couple friends can keep your relationship fresh and romantic. The author, Lindsey Unterberger, says “I always wished there was a similar idea [to online dating] for couples. Turns out, there is. Sites like Kupple.com… Read More »

Kupple Reviewed

Kupple.com has been reviewed by popular website About.com. The review covers many features of Kupple and acknowledges the benefits of joining. ” No matter how much you enjoy the company of your partner, having other couple-friends whose company you both enjoy is a healthy part of any relationship. But at times it can be difficult to find a… Read More »

Couples turn to Internet in search of new friends

Kupple.com has been mentioned on The Columbus Dispatch. They ran a story about couples looking for new friends online: “We work all week,” explained Burchill, who runs a housecleaning business. “So, when the weekend comes, we like to relax. We don’t know how to make other couple friends.” Having met through a Yahoo chat room, Burchill, 20, and… Read More »

Kupple mentioned on the Ledger-Enquirer

Kupple.com was mentioned on Columbus, Georgia’s periodical, The Ledger-Enquirer. Columnist Sonya Sorich writes her article “TWO SQUARE: Quest for couple friends”, where she describes the difficulties of finding new couple friends: “Finding couple friends is often so difficult, in fact, that it’s made for the creation of Web sites like Kupple (www.kupple.com), a family-friendly social networking site to… Read More »