Easy Indications that You Are in a Good Relationship

It is amazing how many of us are not sure about the status of our relationship. Enter a Google search for “signs he’s cheating on you” or “signs she’s no longer interested” and you’ll be amazed to see how many other people are searching for the exact same thing. The very fact that you’re entering these Google searches… Read More »

5 Trips to Take With Couple Friends

With vacation season on the horizon, we’re sure you are starting to think about your summer travel. This article from TheNest.com has 5 fun destinations for trips to take with your couple (or Kupple) friends. Whether you enjoy wine tasting, or laying on the beach, TheNest.com has suggestions for everyone. Read More

The Best (and Worst) Couple Friends

Woman’s Day magazine’s writer, Denise Schipani, talks about the types of couple friends that are healthy and will improve your relationship vs. the ones that could cause conflict. “…Camille Preston, PhD, psychologist and leadership coach, says, ‘you have to weed to feed’—or jettison relationships that aren’t working to make room for more of the good kinds of friendships.… Read More »

Kupple Reviewed

Kupple.com has been reviewed by popular website About.com. The review covers many features of Kupple and acknowledges the benefits of joining. ” No matter how much you enjoy the company of your partner, having other couple-friends whose company you both enjoy is a healthy part of any relationship. But at times it can be difficult to find a… Read More »