How to Grow Tighter with your Partner by Spending Time with Other Couples

By | June 3, 2011

How do you grow tighter with your significant other?

Much of the advice you find out there will tell you all about the habits and techniques you can use when the two of you are alone. How you can work on your relationship with your partner in the one on one, face to face interactions you have every day. These tips are all well and good, but they also present some limitations: the only people involved in your social life are two people! The couple that can’t find time to spend with other people is not living a very active life at all.

One suggestion we have: try to spend some time with other couples. Sites like can really help you find the people you’re looking to meet – and you’d be surprised how fun spending time with other couples can really be.

The True Test of a Relationship

You know how good your social skills are when you see how you interact with other individuals. But as a couple, how can you really test out how your “couple skills” are? Easy: you interact with other couples. It sounds like an over-simplification, but you’d be surprised at just how true a test this can be.

That isn’t to say that not getting along with other couples will doom your relationship – but it can still be an effective barometer for the actual strength of your bond, especially when you come across other people sharing a similar bond. You get a point of reference from which to view your own relationship – is the other couple happier? More passionate? Less passionate? It’s important to be careful not to compare everything you have with another couple, but an outside reference point can be a blessing once in a while.

Spending time with other couples also gives you a chance to make your relationship a more active one. Growing tighter as a couple comes from facing new challenges. If you, as a couple, never spend any time with others, then you have no real indication as to how strong your relationship is. After all, we live in a social world; if you can’t get along as a couple with others present, then it may be a sign that your relationship needs some work.

Having Fun: More Important Than It Sounds

Of course, not everything about hanging out with other couples need be so scary. The point when hanging around other people is to share experiences as well as have some fun. There’s no reason you can’t have fun as couples the same way you would try to have fun as individuals. And ultimately, this kind of variety is what being in a relationship is all about – sharing these types of experiences. You’ll find that this is a great way to “grow tighter” with the person you’re already in a relationship with.

Checking out sites like is a great way to get started – but it’s also important to follow through and be willing to meet new couples. A great way to introduce yourself to the entire process is to pick out a few activities you know you enjoy and then try to find some couples with similar interests. Don’t try to do what isn’t fun or exciting to you – instead, be yourselves and find the couple that matches you.

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