Five Ideas for Couple Winter Weekends

By | March 2, 2012

There’s nothing like spending time together as a couple – at least, not when it’s sunny outside. But going out for a winter weekend can be a little more daunting of a task when it’s freezing outside and your car will barely start.

Even so, that’s no reason to keep readers from enjoying the company of their significant others and having fun even when the winter season rolls around. And, heck, the idea of a warm blanket and hot chocolate in front of the fire is just about one of most darned romantic ideas we can think of. Having a fun winter weekend is a goal worth fighting for.  Here are five ideas to get your fire burnin’.

1. Indoor waterparks. We know, we know – to those of you in southern states, the idea of an indoor waterpark sounds as foreign as driving on the other side of the road. But these do indeed exist in the northern states because, heck, why can’t fun waterslides be enjoyed the entirety of the year? Oftentimes these waterparks come attached to hotels and – voila – winter weekend achieved. Just make sure that you remember to find the swimsuit you ditched months ago.

2. The ski trip. If you live close to a ski lodge, it’s time to think about some nice winter activities that don’t involve plopping yourself in front of the TV with a blanket to keep you company. Sure, the ski trip also involves some degree of athletic challenge, but all you need to do is sign up for a lesson or two to hit those slopes. And, really, are you going to let one wipeout or two ruin your whole weekend?

3. The cabin getaway. Granted, not every one of us has an uncle or a parent who owns a cabin that could easily lend it to us for the weekend, but there’s also a magical concept known as “renting.” And it’s worth it, because there’s nothing quite as bonding like being in the same cabin in the winter, when it’s just the two of you against the elements. Bring along some movies and get lost in each other’s’ company for a while.

4. The round-trip flight. Sometimes, winter wears on you until you finally say “uncle!” That’s when you know it’s time for a round-trip flight to somewhere warm for the weekend. Of course, this will necessarily require a larger investment upfront, but the feeling of truly “getting away” is well worth it.

5. The epic movie night. Heck, it’s winter. Sometimes you don’t feel like getting away at all – you just feel like staying put, comfy inside your blanket, and moving nowhere the entire night. That’s what epic movie night is all about. We’re not talking about just one movie, or even two – have three long ones ready for the whole weekend until you’ve had all the hot chocolate your stomach will take. Sometimes enjoying the life you already have will make for the fondest winter memories of all.

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