Three Advantages of Being a Couple in Restaurants

By | March 16, 2012

We at will be the first to point out that having a strong, committed relationship has some major advantages. There’s no substitute for the support and love you get from someone you truly have chemistry with.

But forget all that for a moment. Instead, let’s take a little while and think about some of the fringe benefits of being a part of a couple. For example: restaurants.

Yes, restaurants. Being single, you may never feel inclined to go out to a restaurant unless you can find another group to latch on to. But when you’re in a relationship, you have a group almost always ready to go out to eat. And it doesn’t hurt enjoying great food without having to cook it yourself, either.

But that’s not all. Let’s have a little fun and explore the idea a little further:

Advantage #1: Easier seating. Going to the restaurant with your extended family can mean a long wait as the hostess tries to wrestle up a table that can seat ten. But when you go to a restaurant as a couple, you only need take up a two-seat table; oftentimes, a restaurant may even be able to make room for you to sit down. And because you require less work for the hostess, you’re likelier to get seated more quickly.

Sure, you can make it more difficult by requesting a table with a great view, but if you go to the restaurant with no expectations, you’ll often find the table in the corner is just as enjoyable.

Advantage #2: You can go anywhere and feel comfortable. When you go to a restaurant solo, you often have to eat at the bar in order not to feel like you’re taking up too much space, or simply so you can order a few cocktails and feel less self-conscious about being at a restaurant alone. But when you go as a couple, your restaurant options are unlimited. You’ll rarely have to wait at the bar, and you’ll never have to push together tables as you would if you were a party of 10. Want to try that swanky new place downtown? Go ahead – after all, what better place for a date than a restaurant? And speaking of dates…

Advantage #3: Amping up the chemistry. Sure, going to a casual dinner to any old restaurant probably isn’t going to ignite a flame within your loins. But take your significant other to a place with a little bit more ambiance and you’ll find it impossible not to ramp up the chemistry between the two of you. In fact, you may even find that the restaurant does most of the work. Although many people go to a restaurant for good food and good service, you can actually get more out of the dining experience when you’re trying to increase the volume on the romance.

Going out to eat every day is probably not easy on the budget. But going out once or twice a month is not only healthy, it’s almost downright required for most couples. So get the most bang for your buck by taking full advantage of the experience.

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