Tips for Social Networking Etiquette in Relationships

By | January 6, 2012

Social networking is a new invention, a product of the digital world we live in. So it’s understandable if you’re not caught up to speed on every single piece of social networking etiquette yet. But that’s no excuse for ignoring your significant other on Facebook, or following an untrustworthy ex on Twitter.

Instead, social networking should be an opportunity to enjoy your relationship even when the two of you aren’t always around each other. And if you want to enjoy the relationship, that means you’ll have to avoid a few etiquette faux pas. Here’s how.

Display Your Relationship When Applicable

Yes, we know that it can be annoying to see your 14-year-old cousin in an “it’s complicated” relationship. But it’s only fair that if both you and your significant other are both on Facebook and in a relationship, you should declare that relationship to the world. It’s not only polite to your boyfriend or girlfriend, but it’s polite to others, who won’t get the wrong idea about you.

Keep Your Lovey-Dovey Stuff Private

Yeah, yeah, we know: you have a great relationship and you want everyone to know about it. And you broadcast that relationship properly by following the first tip in this article.

But you exceed the bounds of good taste when you indulge in a massive smooch-fest online, posting on each other’s Facebook walls or constantly tweeting each other with syrupy language that other people aren’t interested in reading. As so often holds up in life, be sure to indulge this side of your personality online only in moderation, please.

Leave Room for Friends

If you do nothing on your online accounts except indulge in, ahem, that lovey-dovey stuff, then you’re probably going a little overboard on the whole “social networking / relationship” thing.

Don’t get us wrong. We think it’s absolutely fine to indulge in the honeymoon phase and love each other publically. But if you don’t do this in moderation and leave room for your friends (and other harmless social media hijinks), well, then you’re just going to turn people off. Presumably, you have a social networking account in order to share joy, not to turn people off.

Fill Inboxes, Not Walls

Both of the two big guns in social networking – Facebook and Twitter – allow you to send private messages to your boyfriend or girlfriend. Heck, you can send private messages to anyone you want. So make full use of this feature and keep the truly private stuff private.

Instead of posting a status update asking your loved one out on a date, try using their inbox – they’ll receive a similar notification and you won’t have to worry about your own social networking overexposure. If you keep it simple on your walls but indulge your inner Valentine on your own time, you’re not only being a good significant other, but a considerate social networker.

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