What Every Couple Needs to Know About Long-Distance Vacations

By | January 20, 2012

A lot of people love the idea of visiting exotic lands. They fantasize about going to Thailand with their loved one while on the lunch break at work. They can’t wait for that honeymoon in Hawaii, even if it means flying out from the east coast of the United States.

This is all possible thanks to the wonders of modern travel, of course, but that doesn’t mean you’re guaranteed a great vacation every time you go somewhere far. In fact, couples need to know some potential problems with long-distance vacations if they hope to enjoy the environment and not be after each other’s throats by the end. Here’s how.

Planning is Important, But Not Everything

If you want to have a good trip, you need to make sure it’s entirely planned out. You need a place to stay once you arrive, and you need a way to get there from the airport. You need food, clothing, and all the usual items, not to mention special travel items you need to bring.

But here’s the thing: no trip will ever completely go as planned.

They just won’t. Planning is important, but it’s important to understand that your plan won’t necessarily win out. You need to submit to the spontaneity of the trip, letting the circumstances dictate what you do. It’s important that you not wear your feet out raw because you planned to see the sights. Instead, do what makes you as a couple happy, and be willing to abandon the plan as soon as it stops making sense.

Of course, without a plan, you’re not going to do very well, either. So strike a balance: plan for “free” days where you can do anything you want. Plan plenty of time for you to spend together as a couple. The more you plan, the better prepared you’ll be for spontaneity. That’s the key to ensuring that you have a safe, secure – and yet somewhat unpredictable – trip.

Your Patience Will Be Tested

Even with modern miracles like long-distance flight and superfast trains prevalent in modern civilization, traveling means that your patience will be tested. You’ll likely spend long hours in the same position at times, and you’ll be “stuck,” to put it bluntly, with your significant other. It’s important that you realize this will happen and do what you can to mitigate the effects of losing your patience.

How can you do this? First, don’t try to pack everything into one trip. Sure, it’s great to see Thailand, but if you only spend seven days there, you’re definitively not going to see the entire country. So what? You’re going there for an experience; live and let live. Thailand’s not going anywhere, so why should you worry if you haven’t experienced it all?

The more you learn about long-distance trips, the better able you’ll be able to focus on having a good time. So keep browsing Kupple.com and you’ll realize how easy it can be to plan a trip when you have the support and advice of other couples handy.

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