Which Movies Should Couples See Together

By | February 10, 2012

The Bad Movie. It ruins a pleasant evening like nothing else, robbing you of your time, energy, and money – until you decide to ponder the ultimate question of whether or not you should simply walk out. It makes for a first date nightmare, but it’s equally frustrating when you’re already in a relationship. But when you factor in the possibility that one of you might like the movie, you’re starting to see just how uncomfortable a situation the Bad Movie can become.

Of course, we at Kupple.com are always encouraging couples to go out and live their lives together. There’s no reason to let the potential of a bad time get in your way. But if you want to guarantee a good time, you should know the types of movies that couples should see together before you ponder your next silver screen outing.

The “Chick Flick”

One of the biggest questions couples have about going to movies is whether or not they should see the “chick flick” – a movie that’s clearly marketed and designed to please the woman, but not the guy. Of course, many men in the relationship find themselves completely uninterested in chick flicks, thus introducing the potential problem.

(Note: for those couples where both genders enjoy chick flicks, you can probably skip this article and continue on toward a lifetime of cinematic bliss.)

What do you do if you can’t reach an agreement? Go for the movie karma. Agree to see the movie in exchange for you two attending a movie the guy wants to see. You can even make it fun by keeping a “chick flick”/”guy movie” chart on the fridge, monitoring the score.

Movies to Avoid

It’s not hard to foresee that there will be some movies the both of you are clearly interested in seeing. But if you’re still early in a relationship, it might be a good idea to avoid movies of a certain topic or type. For example, taking a third date to see an independent “art house” movie might not exactly enthrall her if she’s not into the same things you are. Similarly, political documentaries might be a bit “heavy” early in the relationship.

Once you’ve reached a certain point as a couple, however, you each should see these movies if there’s an established mutual interest. While we give each other leeway on our interests early in the relationship, it’s important not to keep pushing these interests on your significant other.

Movies to Flock To

Of course, some movies will be so geared to the mainstream that it’s hard to see how either of you might not enjoy them. So keep up to date with the latest releases and have an eye out for movies that are getting good reviews. You might not see a winner if you both decide to go to the movies before you decide which movie to see…but if you plan on seeing a specific one, there’s a greater chance the both of you will enjoy the experience.

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