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By | April 2, 2007

Los Angeles, California

Los Angeles Kupple Event Photo 02The Los Angeles Kupple Kickoff Event at the Cat ‘n Fiddle was a great time. We had couples that were new to the area (even new to the country) and a few that had been here for a few years. With drinks in hand, the conversation started flowing and lasted well into the night. Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves, although we learned a few valuable lessons for the future: i) it’s L.A., everyone comes late; and ii) if you are hosting an event where no one knows what anyone else looks like and you choose a very crowded and popular night spot, you need more than a couple of balloons to help people locate the group.

Can’t wait for the next event!

John and Rebecca

Los Angeles Kupple Event Photo 01 Los Angeles Kupple Event Photo 03 Los Angeles Kupple Event Photo 04

Dallas – Ft. Worth , Texas

Dallas Ft. Worth Kupple Event Photo 01The inaugural DFW Kupple Social went off with a bang at PF Changs in Grapevine. With Kupple springing for everyone’s drinks, it wasn’t long before the proverbial ice had melted and the couples were simpatico. Dinner was delicious- I don’t know what they put in those lettuce wraps, but if you haven’t had them, you should. Best of all, we all agreed we’d like to do it again soon.

Allyson and Christian
If you are interested in coordinating a Kupple event in your area, please send an email to [email protected].

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