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Why You Should Never Judge Your Relationship Based on Your Friends’ Relationship

It is one of the most powerful instincts we have as human beings; the instinct to judge ourselves based on what other people are doing. Entire books have been written about the power that other people have on us, and this is no less powerful when you are in a relationship with someone. After all, you are both… Read More »

Social Networking Expands to Include Couples

Palm Desert, CA (PRWEB) September 21, 2011 Kupple.com, the Internet’s largest online community dedicated to couples seeking platonic friendships with other couples, fills a unique need that most social networking and dating sites ignore; helping couples find couple-friends. Based on selected search features such as interests, activities, location and demographics, Kupple.com takes the difficulty out of finding couple… Read More »

Why Some Couples are More Likely to Succeed Than Others

If you have more than one friend who’s currently part of a “couple,” then you probably recognize what this article is all about. One friend is in a healthy relationship with someone who truly complements their personality – and for the other friend, the new relationship has been trouble since day one. It does seem like some couples… Read More »