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How to Bring the Honeymoon Back Into Your Marriage

We’ve all been there: the infamous honeymoon phase. Heck, plenty of us have been on real, live honeymoons, as well. There’s a certain magic in the air whenever your relationship with your significant other is going especially well: it’s almost as if the rest of our lives are brighter because of how fulfilled we are on the romantic… Read More »

Couples: How to Handle Annoying People, Together

“Yikes,” your significant other says to you at a friend’s dinner party as they notice someone sauntering over. “I know this person – they can be very annoying. Brace yourself.” Yikes, indeed. While you won’t always have advanced warning that a person will annoy both of you, you’ve been there before: stuck in a situation that you and… Read More »

The Dangers of Not Having Mutual Couple Friends – and How to Avoid Them

There’s a good chance that you can count the amount of couples you know on one finger. And when you take the time to consider how many couples you and your significant other both know, well…let’s just say that the number probably drops even further. Why is this? Aren’t human beings social creatures? Don’t we need companionship in… Read More »

The Great Escape: The Secret Language Partners Use to Get Out of Sticky Social Situations

We know, we know: love conquers all. But when it comes to awkward social situations, there may be no greater advantage to traveling in a pair with your partner than using a secret language to make your great escape. We’re not talking about learning “Klingon” or a dead language to communicate your distress. We’re talking about the little… Read More »

How to Keep a Relationship Strong – Without the Straining

When most people picture a strong relationship, they make a big mistake. They don’t actually picture a strong relationship, but the ideal relationship. Why is this such a big mistake? Simple: because the ideal relationship doesn’t actually exist in the real world. Striving and striving for something you’re not going to achieve is a waste of time. As… Read More »

Signs Your Friends’ Relationship is in Danger – and What to Do

What do you do when your friends’ relationship is in danger? This has been a problem plaguing friends-as-couples since the beginning of time – with no exaggeration – and it’s easy to see why. After all, when both members of a couple are your friends, it introduces a whole new level of complexity to the situation. Consider the… Read More »