Three Advantages of Being a Couple in Restaurants

We at will be the first to point out that having a strong, committed relationship has some major advantages. There’s no substitute for the support and love you get from someone you truly have chemistry with. But forget all that for a moment. Instead, let’s take a little while and think about some of the fringe benefits… Read More »

How to Invite Couples Over for a Successful Dinner Party

The successful dinner party. It almost sounds like a myth or a legend – the combination of having enough people over, having them come over at the right time, preparing a meal that’s ready at the right time, preparing a meal that’s tasty and not too expensive, having a conversation that’s lively and entertaining…well, it all sounds like… Read More »

Whose Fault Is It? (And How to Fix It)

We’ve all been there. It’s an argument that started about a problem – even a trifling one – and it elevated into a philosophical debate about who bears responsibility for the problem. Tempers flare – and so do nostrils – and nothing ultimately gets accomplished. And you haven’t even been able to answer the central question: “Whose fault… Read More »