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Why You Should Never Judge Your Relationship Based on Your Friends’ Relationship

It is one of the most powerful instincts we have as human beings; the instinct to judge ourselves based on what other people are doing. Entire books have been written about the power that other people have on us, and this is no less powerful when you are in a relationship with someone. After all, you are both… Read More »

Unique opportunity to meet new Couple Friends AND be on TV!

Hey Kupple.com! We just received word that a Major Cable Network is casting a new show which seeks to help couples discover, meet and socialize with other couples in their area. They are searching for engaging, energetic and fun loving couples in the New York City area who: (1) have recently relocated to NYC and are hoping to… Read More »

The Best (and Worst) Couple Friends

Woman’s Day magazine’s writer, Denise Schipani, talks about the types of couple friends that are healthy and will improve your relationship vs. the ones that could cause conflict. “…Camille Preston, PhD, psychologist and leadership coach, says, ‘you have to weed to feed’—or jettison relationships that aren’t working to make room for more of the good kinds of friendships.… Read More »