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The Dangers of Not Having Mutual Couple Friends – and How to Avoid Them

There’s a good chance that you can count the amount of couples you know on one finger. And when you take the time to consider how many couples you and your significant other both know, well…let’s just say that the number probably drops even further. Why is this? Aren’t human beings social creatures? Don’t we need companionship in… Read More »

Who Makes the Plans in Your Relationship?

Picture this…you want to go out for dinner, and you decide to ask your significant other what they are interested in eating. “Anything you want,” they say. “All right,” you venture, “how about Chinese?” “No, I don’t want Chinese. What else?” “Italian?” “Hmm. I’m not really in the mood for Italian.” And the cycle goes on and on… Read More »

Why Some Couples are More Likely to Succeed Than Others

If you have more than one friend who’s currently part of a “couple,” then you probably recognize what this article is all about. One friend is in a healthy relationship with someone who truly complements their personality – and for the other friend, the new relationship has been trouble since day one. It does seem like some couples… Read More »