Fifteen Great Date Nights – On a Dime

By | August 16, 2011

There are two ingredients to having a great date night with your partner: knowledge and initiative. We can not tell you how to take initiative in an article like this – it is something that is not so easily taught. But we can certainly impart the knowledge it takes to have a great date night without breaking the bank by throwing a lot at you at once. That’s why readers like to know about date night ideas, and it’s why we’ve decided to spring not one, not two, but fifteen of them right here and right now.

Ready? Let’s get started.

1.    One word: popcorn. Going out to the movies is a great date, of course, but it’s not exactly something that can happen “on a dime” these days. That’s why a bowl of movie theater-quality popcorn can make a night home with a good DVD feel like a welcome break from the Monday-Friday routine.

2.    Sightseeing. Going out to see the sights is something most people associate with vacation, but there’s no reason you can’t go out and enjoy something that’s new to both of you. Google the best spots to find a few in your area and keep an eye peeled for free admittance to landmarks and the like.

3.    Dancing. Going out dancing is an easy thing to do if you know which places won’t charge you admittance fees – all you need to do is bring your date, your dancing clothes, and, of course, comfortable shoes.

4.    Public events. Is there some sort of live entertainment in the area that doesn’t charge admittance – say a festival of some sort?

5.    Stargazing. Nothing is quite as intimate – and even romantic – as the natural beauty that happens above us every night. If you live in the city, stargazing can be a special novelty because you don’t get to see as much of the stars when you’re not in the country. Find a safe stargazing spot and enjoy the view.

6.    Stroll on the beach. For those of you lucky enough to have beaches to stroll on, that is.

7.    Cook at home. A nice home-cooked meal can easily spell romance and feel like you’re going out simply because of the effort you put into it. It can also be a heck of a lot cheaper than going out.

8.    Game night. Break out a game of Twister, Scrabble, Yahtzee – whatever you can find that you don’t have to buy. Sure, you do it at home, but it’s still fun.

9.    Spend reading time together somewhere new. Check out a local library and find new books together – and then read together in a cozy corner.

10.    Take a tour. A fancy apartment you’d love to own, a museum – whatever you can find. Tours can be surprisingly fun.

11.    Do something creative together. Play music, write music, write poetry – whatever you can think of. Heck, if you both program for a living, write some code.

12.    Exercise. It’s not exactly a “date” feeling you’ll get, but sharing endorphins can be surprisingly relaxing.

13.    Head to the bar for a quick game of darts or pool. Just don’t get hustled!

14.    Go hiking. Enjoy the views while challenging yourselves physically – this can be great to do on Saturday mornings, too.

15.    Look for “tasting” events – wine, cheese, whatever you can find.

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