Five Fun Outdoor Date Ideas for Summer

By | April 28, 2011

Getting outdoors in the summer is a no-brainer. The wind is in your hair, the sun is shining down (and shining longer), and everyone else is out, too. So it should be a no-brainer to think of things to do when you’re interested in outdoor date ideas, right?


If there is an echo in here, it is because outdoor date ideas are not as easy to come up with as you might think. In the spring, you might talk about how much you plan on getting “out” this summer, but without anything concrete to get you and your significant other outdoors, you’ll still be stuck inside, trying to come up with fun things to do. And if it’s not fun, it’s not motivating. So let’s cycle through five fun outdoor date ideas that will finally get you outside – and if at the end you’re still hungry for more, be sure to check out for even more ideas.

1. Hiking.

It might sound a lot of sweaty work for a date, but if you’ve got no better way to spend a Saturday morning or afternoon, hiking can be a great excuse to not only get out of the house, but to get some serious exercise. The incline of the hills you tackle when hiking make for a real challenge, while the views help spice up the “romance” factor. Heck, some people propose to their dates when they’re on the top of the hill. It can be good, honest, exhilarating fun.

2. Outdoor movies.

There’s no advantage to summer than being able to do the things you love doing inside and taking them outdoors. And that’s the idea behind outdoor movies, whether you’re talking about drive-ins or places you can set up a blanket in the park to watch a screening. These might be a little harder to find than a hill for hiking, so be sure that you know where you’re going before you head out – otherwise you might find yourself driving around and not getting your time underneath the stars.

3. Stargazing.

Speaking of stars, is there any better way to enhance the romance than watching the stars twinkle on a summer night? There’s no better weather to do it in, either, which is why stargazing in the summer should be done while the getting’s good. If there’s a meteor shower coming up in the summer, be sure to mark it on your calendar – then you can surprise your date with a late-night meteor shower watching that enhances the whole concept of stargazing altogether.

4. Camping.

Of course, not everyone’s built for camping – the bugs, the dirty feet, the frustration of starting a fire. But if you’ve got the chops to handle most of the work, you can really make camping a fun experience for your significant other.

5. Go fruit-picking.

Handling produce outdoors isn’t exactly anyone’s idea of fun in the colder months, but for a great change-up from the norm, going fruit-picking can be a great idea. Picking strawberries early in the morning helps you to get all of the best of the farming experience – without any of the drudgery. It’s summer, after all; live life to its fullest!

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