Hit the Town: How to Live the Nightlife With Interesting Dates or Double Dates

By | July 22, 2011

When someone tells you that they are “hitting the nightlife” or “hitting the town,” what do you think of? Perhaps you think of a limo ride to an exclusive restaurant, followed by drinks at a trendy bar. Or maybe you think of hitting one of the hottest clubs with your date and imbibing the night away. But what if you want to hit the town with a date – or, even more, a double date? How does one exactly, um, do that?

The key is to avoid the trap of trying to find a little sample of everything. If you go bar-hopping, for example, then at least you’re limiting your focus to bars and aren’t trying to also raid the restaurants and nightclubs. And having this strategy means you’ll have to enhance your focus, as well, and ask yourself one simple question: what kind of time do you want to show your date when you “hit the town” tonight?

To start answering that question, let’s turn our attention to your date’s preferences and tastes. You have to remember that to have a good time, everyone has to have a good time. If you’re on a double date, for example, and just one of the people seems like they’re not enjoying themselves, then that mood will affect everyone else on the double date. So it’s important that you think not only of what you’d enjoy, but what the people with you would enjoy as well.

That’s one of the best reasons to keep things simple: after all, the more you try to do on a date, the more work you create for yourself. Why do that? Why not just tell everyone else in your group or date that you want to get some drinks at a swanky bar and then deliver on that promise? If you have good conversation, good drinks, and good prices, you’ll probably have a good time. It’s as simple as that.

Of course, this article promised interesting dates, as well. So how do you take something simple and make it interesting? It’s the same way you’d do it with cooking: you can have a simple meal like chicken and broccoli and mix it up with a combination of herbs and spices. Similarly, on a date or double date out on the town, you can add little interesting bits to it: say you hit one of the less-traditional bars, or instead of going to a regular sit-down restaurant, you go to a sushi bar. These little ideas might seem like they come out of left field, but the idea is to take the familiar date and mix it up with something a little less familiar – unless you’re a sushi fanatic already, in which case that particular idea will seem pretty routine. You can also check out a site like Kupple.com for more double date ideas if you’re really stuck on this one point.

Keep things simple but don’t be afraid to add an element or two that will spice things up – that’s how you can hit the town effectively when you’re also making sure that other people are having a good time. And don’t forget to cut loose and have fun yourself!

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