Social Networking Expands to Include Couples

By | September 23, 2011

Palm Desert, CA (PRWEB) September 21, 2011, the Internet’s largest online community dedicated to couples seeking platonic friendships with other couples, fills a unique need that most social networking and dating sites ignore; helping couples find couple-friends. Based on selected search features such as interests, activities, location and demographics, takes the difficulty out of finding couple friends whether they find themselves new to an area, new to a relationship, with an empty-nest, or just wanting to enlarge their social circle.

“We all know how important friends are when you are single,” says Beatrice Eslamboly, co-founder, “but they are no less important when you are coupled-up; they ground you, provide support and an outlet for fun. Without other couple friends, you put pressure on your romantic relationship, expecting it to fulfill all areas of your life.”

With sites like, social media has finally hit the next step. Many people feel that an individual profile (as opposed to a couple’s profile) can’t capture all of who they are. combines Facebook and allowing couples to create a joint profile page and search for good matches in hopes of starting new friendships. Similar to Facebook, couples can add photos, write blogs, message other couples, chat and more.

“ is the perfect next step to online dating sites such as and 20% of new couples meet on an online dating website. Their users are already familiar with and trust, online dating sites,” says Steve Martinez, Advisor. “Many of their users feel, ‘…well I’ve found someone, now what?’ is the answer to the ‘now what’.”

With over 7,500 participating couples, is the largest couples’ social network and is completely free to join and use. This site is exclusively for couples seeking platonic friendships and screens all applications to ensure users are safe from swingers, spammers and singles. is expanding their community by constantly adding content and features offering members easier ways to create and grow new friendships. also engages users through polls, sweepstakes, quizzes and games on the Facebook page.

About was founded in 2006, after Beatrice Eslamboly and her husband moved to a new city and found themselves with few opportunities to meet other couples. After a disastrous double-date with a couple they barely knew, they vowed to never do it again. Shortly after the horrible date, the Eslambolys found themselves at a business dinner with Jon Steinberg and his fiance who had recently moved to Los Angeles from Philadelphia to pursue Jon’s career as a television writer. Talking about their experiences and difficulties with meeting new couples with similar interests, the couples instantly clicked and the idea for was born… Since co-founding, Jon Steinberg has gone on to create the hit television shows Jericho and Human Target. was founded with one simple purpose: to help couples find couple-friends.


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  1. David

    yes. it is more common to see a black guy with a white woman but do know white guys who date black girls and i see it in the seetrt. i am also a living example of a black girl who has dated white guys.i see it more up north and in more liberal states.EDIT: I don’t have an exact calculation but it is very common here in Florida to see hispanic women dating white men.


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