Strictly platonic affairs

The Telegraph reports a growing number of couples begin feeling more comfortable and look for other couple friends online. ” I say ‘dating’ but there’s nothing kinky going on; this is purely about meeting new couples for friendship only. The theory is simple. In the past, if you and your partner were new in town you might join… Read More »

Kupple mentioned on the Ledger-Enquirer was mentioned on Columbus, Georgia’s periodical, The Ledger-Enquirer. Columnist Sonya Sorich writes her article “TWO SQUARE: Quest for couple friends”, where she describes the difficulties of finding new couple friends: “Finding couple friends is often so difficult, in fact, that it’s made for the creation of Web sites like Kupple (, a family-friendly social networking site to… Read More »

Kupple on the NBC Today Show

Partner it up: Tips to find friends If you happened to catch the June 14th, 2007 episode of The Today Show, then you might have seen Meredith Viera’s lengthy segment on “Couples Dating” that featured! This is exciting news for all Kupple members, as we’ve already approved hundreds of new members since the broadcast. That’s hundreds of… Read More »