How Couples Can Have Fun At Home

By | April 13, 2012

To busybodies, the idea of having “fun at home” probably sounds like an oxymoron. After all, home is for rest, relaxation, and decompressing after work! Why should you have fun at home when you can go out and experience the world?

Then there are the homebodies: those couples among us who understand that your physical location really doesn’t have to be a handicap on the fun you have. Heck, having fun at home can feel just as good as getting out of the house. Sound impossible? Not to the people at! And here’s how we like to advise couples to have fun at home, especially during the winter months when you don’t feel like opening the door.

Step Out of Your Regular Routine

We’re going to go out on a limb and guess that your regular weekday routine is not exactly enthralling. After all, who can maintain that much intensity on a regular basis? Instead, for most people, the weekday routine is all about relaxing, getting through the day, and ultimately feeling recharged for the next day.

Well, if you’re going to break out of this routine, you’ve got to step outside it and see how it feels. A family game night, for example, is a common break out of the normal routine that people like to enjoy – and you don’t even have to make it a regular habit; you just have to enjoy it once or twice.

Getting Everybody Involved

One of the main challenges of having fun at home is having fun with other people. If you’re in a couple, for example, you know that you’re not really going to have much fun unless the both of you are on board. That’s just part of human nature, and the nature of relationships. So how do you get in alignment with your significant other when they’re unwilling to budge?

First, you can try experimenting with an activity yourself. Let’s say your partner isn’t hip to the idea of playing an interactive dancing game on your Wii. All the convincing and persuading you do doesn’t make them see things your way. So instead, you decide to try it out yourself, and, wouldn’t you know it, you’re having fun! Suddenly you’re both playing. Be willing to lead by example when it comes to fun.

Treat Yourselves

Another way to unburden yourself of your home responsibilities is to treat yourself. Order delivery pizza so there’s no cooking to do. Order Chinese. Order something, just so that you have a fun night all spent at home to look forward to! You’d be amazed at how a small gesture like this can really change your mindset and get you in the mood to enjoy yourselves at home.

And if you’re keeping it simple with a movie at home, then try spicing it up with movie theater-style popcorn and even a box of Raisinettes. Fun is all about the attitude you have in life. If you can’t have fun, what does that say about your attitude?


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