Beware These Facebook Couple Slip-Ups

By | April 26, 2012

We live in a digital world now; ignoring that fact won’t change it. And that’s why it’s important for the couples of – and indeed couples everywhere – to understand the new wrinkles that social media introduces into our relationships. We can’t afford to be cavalier about the way we use Facebook; if we are, then those mistakes can often come back to bite us in unexpected ways.

But Facebook shouldn’t be all about seriousness, either; it should be about fun and staying in touch with the ones you love. In particular, it should enrich your lives as a couple, even if just to some small degree. So keep in mind that you should watch out for these potential Facebook couple “slip-ups” as you grow together in your relationship:

Focusing Too Much on the Relationship Status. We all know that the “relationship status” is very important to many couples. In fact, some people even designate certain types of relationships only as being official when they’re “Facebook official,” meaning that the two of you list each other in a relationship on Facebook.

Why the emphasis on Facebook status? Is it really relevant to the way you interact in person? There’s no substitute to the joy you get when someone else reciprocates your feelings of love. The joy shouldn’t come from a Facebook status achievement. And don’t let yourself get twisted up in feelings of jealousy or resentment, either, if your partner’s Facebook status is not the same as yours – at least initially.

Leaving Your Facebook Open for Others to See. We share a lot of private information via Facebook, and yet many people simply choose that their computers “stay logged in” when they’re using the site. This leaves them vulnerable to friendly and not-so-friendly hackings. Not only can people post fake statuses and make fake messages, but they can get intimate details of your love life that you might not want them to see.

So if you and your significant other are sharing a lot of information on Facebook privately, it’s your responsibility to keep that information private. After all, your girlfriend shouldn’t have to worry that your brothers, for example, will know all the details that she’s sending you. You owe it to one another to be discreet.

Living Through Facebook Rather Than, Well, Life. Unfortunately, this is an all-too-real problem in today’s society: people simply live vicariously through Facebook, giving themselves the illusion of a greater social circle than they really have. If most of your couplehood is lived out on Facebook, then with the exception of long-distance relationships, there’s a chance that it’s not on as strong of ground as you might think. Life is meant to be experienced, not “Facebooked.” Use Facebook as a supplement to a great life and not a replacement.

When used right, Facebook is a powerful, fun, and even addictive tool for enjoying social interaction on the web. But it’s such a powerful tool that it’s tempting to use it in the wrong ways. Don’t let your bad Facebooking ruin a good relationship.

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