How to Quickly Build a Longer-Lasting Bond

By | February 3, 2012

We all want intimacy in our lives. We want to share our lives with someone like us, and we need a support system in place when our own emotions aren’t enough to keep us centered all the time. That all happens when you build a long-lasting bond with someone else, and there are few bonds more powerful than that of the romantic relationship.

The problem many people seem to have is not understanding how to build bonds with new people. Maybe they have trouble making new acquaintances, or simply don’t know how to further the bonds of those that they’re with.

But this article should take care of all that: we’ll explore what it means to build a longer-lasting bond, and how you can do it quicker than you ever imagined.

What Building a Bond Means

First, you have to understand what it means to actually form a bond with another person. A legitimate bond does not mean that you impress someone because you’re putting on a social mask and hoping that they enjoy the “false” personality you’re displaying.

Instead, a real bond is when you connect with someone else because of who you are and what your interests are. For example, you can easily bond with other people on the football team because a certain type of person goes out for the football team.

Building a romantic bond with a like-minded person means that you have to find not only that person, but who you are too. You have to risk rejection by being yourself, because this will be the most powerful form of your own personality you can show to the world. Even if you can successfully impress other people with an artificial personality, you won’t experience a true bond.

How to Build it Quickly

Of course, there’s more to building a bond than just being yourself: after all, bonds aren’t built in vacuums! There’s somebody else in the equation here. There are a number of ways to build a bond quickly.

First, you’ll want to focus on a good first impression. Don’t hold back. Make those odd jokes that only you get, and if no one laughs, oh well. If they laugh, you share potential for a much more powerful and quickly-built bond with another person than you did if you hadn’t made the joke. Be yourself, and don’t be afraid to be assertive off the bat.

Second, experience different things together. Don’t take a girl out for dinner and assume you’re bonded. Explore the city. Go to new places. Take a weekend trip. The more different experiences you have, the more you’ll feel bonded because you’ve been on adventures together. It’s like starring in your own movie, and not only is it interesting for both of you, but it’s bond-inducing – provided you laid the foundation in the first place.

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