Three Classes Couples Can Take To Spice Up the Routine

By | May 18, 2012

Sleep, work, television, weekend. Far too often that’s the chosen routine of the couple that has already settled into each other. While it’s great when couples are comfortable enough with each other that they’ve passed the initial “honeymoon” stage well, the entire situation can lead to monotony. That’s not how it’s supposed to be as a couple – heck, that’s not how it’s supposed to be as a person.

So how is the routine shaken up? How is the rut left in the dust? We’d like to offer one simple and humble suggestion that, even with just once or bi-weekly application, can turn the weekday doldrums on its head. We’re talking about taking a class that won’t only help you reshape your mind or body, but reshape your experiences as a couple. Here are three such classes.

Tennis Lessons

What’s great about embracing tennis as a couple is that it comes with a few options. First, being in a couple means you’ll always having someone to play tennis with. Second, you can also play as a couple against other couples.

Tennis is great because it’s a great multi-tasker: you get out of the house, you get exercise, and in playing tennis with your significant other you can compete for who’s dinner preference wins out. You can take a tennis class with a large group of people, take private lessons once a week, or simply start playing tennis yourselves if you’re already experienced.

Cooking Classes

Granted, broaching the subject of cooking classes might require a little sensitivity on your part if your significant other is a little sensitive about their cooking skills. But if cooking is a passion that both of you share, there’s no reason you can’t spice up the routine with actual, erm, spice. Like the tennis lessons, these classes will have other benefits: you won’t have to go out so much to eat when you’re good at cooking for yourselves, and you can save money on food because you’re preparing all of your own ingredients.


If your passions tend less toward the practical and more toward the mentally challenging, then an art class like painting might be more up your alley. Painting is an activity that both of you can enjoy at the same time, but also separately should the need ever arise. Doing it at home can make for a relaxing and quiet evening, or you can make it a social event by taking classes. What you get out of it will depend on what both of you are willing to put into it.

Making it Happen

Of course, none of these classes are going to be worth anything to you if you don’t take full advantage of them and actually follow through with each of your lessons. An important thing to remember is that these classes don’t only have the benefit of spicing up your regular routine, but will positively affect other areas of your life. Consider, for example, the added benefits of regular exercise with tennis – or the ability to cook more of your own food after taking a cooking class.

Ultimately, it will be on both of you to follow through with the classes. Make each one count!

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