Improving Your Kupple Profile in Just a Few Minutes

By | May 3, 2012

Having a profile here at can be a great advertisement to your willingness to improve your relationship and truly explore what it means to be a couple. But like anything else, there’s always a way to improve on what you’ve already established. And if your Kupple profile needs tweaking, well, there’s no reason that you shouldn’t tweak it to improve your experience here.

But how do you do that? Wouldn’t truly optimizing your profile take hours, even days, for you to get “just right”? Not exactly. Let’s take a look at how you can improve your Kupple profile in just a few minutes with a quick review and even quicker tweaks.

Give the Profile a Quick Read

First, you’ll want to visit your existing profile. Give it a quick read. What do you notice about it? Is it too long? Too short? Does it tell too much about you as a couple, or is too little about you revealed? You should strive for a reasonable balance between these extremes, and often times that’s not possible without you revisiting your Kupple profile with a fresh eye. Heck, you can even get started by clicking over to your Kupple profile right now. Go ahead. We’ll wait.

If you notice any glaring mistakes – from spelling errors to personal information you want to cut out – go ahead and take a few seconds to correct those. This quick read might not change everything right away, but it’s a great way to start.

Don’t Write a Novel

While it’s important that you’re willing to share information about yourselves as a couple at some point, there’s no reason you have to dump everything on the fine folks at all at once. If you want to write a novel, go ahead and open that word processing file – just try to leave the novel out of your online profiles.

Why? It’s a quick way to guarantee that someone who was otherwise interested in your profile will simply skip it because there’s too much to read. It’s just basic human nature.

Keep It Simple and Secure

The opposite of writing a novel, of course, is to keep it simple. We recommend that you do share a few things about yourself in order to avoid a “blank” profile here at Kupple – but it’s also important that you not share any key facts about yourselves that you also wouldn’t tell to someone you’d just met. Yes, we want you to interact with other couples here at, but you should exercise the same precautions as you would meeting any other couple. Share some nice details, but keep the secrets to yourselves.

Complete the Darn Thing

Even if you’re not writing a novel here, be sure to complete the profile to give a well-balanced view of you as a couple. It will really help inspire you to recognize some more traits about yourselves that you might not have even though of, and this comprehensive view of you as a couple will be more interesting to others than the basic facts.

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