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Three Advantages of Being a Couple in Restaurants

We at Kupple.com will be the first to point out that having a strong, committed relationship has some major advantages. There’s no substitute for the support and love you get from someone you truly have chemistry with. But forget all that for a moment. Instead, let’s take a little while and think about some of the fringe benefits… Read More »

How to Invite Couples Over for a Successful Dinner Party

The successful dinner party. It almost sounds like a myth or a legend – the combination of having enough people over, having them come over at the right time, preparing a meal that’s ready at the right time, preparing a meal that’s tasty and not too expensive, having a conversation that’s lively and entertaining…well, it all sounds like… Read More »

Whose Fault Is It? (And How to Fix It)

We’ve all been there. It’s an argument that started about a problem – even a trifling one – and it elevated into a philosophical debate about who bears responsibility for the problem. Tempers flare – and so do nostrils – and nothing ultimately gets accomplished. And you haven’t even been able to answer the central question: “Whose fault… Read More »

Who Makes the Plans in Your Relationship?

Picture this…you want to go out for dinner, and you decide to ask your significant other what they are interested in eating. “Anything you want,” they say. “All right,” you venture, “how about Chinese?” “No, I don’t want Chinese. What else?” “Italian?” “Hmm. I’m not really in the mood for Italian.” And the cycle goes on and on… Read More »